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How to Stretch When You Are Injured

Many times when we injure ourselves, we let go of everything else. Eventhough we have an injured wrist, shoulder or knee we stop working-out/training altogether. The most certain way to create more issues and imbalances in the body, is to do NOTHING when injured! Of course you maybe in pain that holds you back from strong activity. However, the body is designed to move, and even some gentle movements or stretches will not benefit you

Why You Are Getting Injured

Today we will see why you get injured with your training, practice or sport. Lets assume you play a specific sport. Maybe you play tennis or you play soccer. What do you usually do? You probably see an athlete that you like and you want to look like them. You probably admire their skills or physique and you want to be like them. Logically the next thought that follows is "What do they do? what