Corporate Wellness

Plan, Act, Relax

Current developments on a global scale, “forced” all corporations to either re-think the way they approach their customers and interact with the employees or re-invent their business working model all together. More than 80% of global corporate dynamic had to work from home with all the benefits and challenges this brings.

Before that, some corporations had been offering health wellness services for their employees. However this need increased further over the last two years.(reference) The corporations who who foresaw that stress levels will increased and planned ahead thrived, while the ones who did not are still facing difficulties, drops in their productivity and sales numbers.

Our Solution

You too can  can act NOW, before your internal situation becomes Irreversible. You can bring serenity and the sense of support on your work environment. Everyone needs support, connection  and the feeling of being seen.

You don’t care that we have been offering our services to corporations like Cosmote, Vodafone, Novartis, Tatoi Club and General Electric over the last 5 years, varying from weekly sessions to special events both in-person and now live.

You deeply care about brining some sense of “normality” to your corporations. Make your employees feel seen, appreciated and supported, while at the same time productivity and sales to start (or keep) going up. After all, all businesses have do with people right?

Sure, you can find a ready solution on the internet or chose one of the tens/hunderds apps and buy a corporate subscription. Its like giving someone a gift card, instead of giving them a personalised gift.Which gesture shows you care?   Our over 10 years of experience in the area of mental and physical health but mainly our ability to adapt and customize our services according to the needs of each group or corporation is what makes us UNIQUE.


On-Line Sessions

Group Sessions

Design Your Creative Solution!

We already offer a variety of different approaches to the companies we work with. It usually takes a meeting to identify the needs each company has, and implement a tailored approach/program.
Important Notice: All sessions can take place on-line.
Many companies that still offer their majority of operations remotely, offer on-line services. 

Breathing and simple mindfulness exercises are used to help attendees relax, minimize stress and promote the sense of well-being.

Simple stretching/yoga and breathing sessions of 20′-30′, that can be done while in an office setting and clothing, focused to re-calibrate the body and “reset” the mind.

It is documented that better sleep regenerates the brain and recalibrates the ANS (Autonomus Nervous System). These breathing exercises are to be taken as “homework” to help better the night sleep.

Specialized exercises that rejuvenate the face, take care of tight muscles, wrinkles and wake-up the mind.

A short combination of yoga, movement and aerobic exercises to get the heart pumping, the blood flowing and the body awake and ready!

Pre-recorded follow along video sessions of 10′-15′ covering a variety of wellness subjects, sent on weekly basis.

Yoga is a “recipe” that has withstood the test of time and brought amazing results in both the physical and mental aspect in sports teams, corporations and the general public. We know it works, and how it works. It is always a “fool-proof” solution.
Evangelos Apostolopoulos
Evangelos Apostolopoulos
Evangelos entered fitness and wellness more than 25 years ago as a competitive karate athlete. After finishing his Bachelor in Marketing he studied Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage, Ear Acupuncture, Anatomy and movement.
He has worked with people with terminal illnesses, paralysis and many people with a number of health issues. His wellness approach is combined with postgraduate trainings in Gestalt psychotherapy and life-coaching.
Maria Papadopoulou
Maria Papadopoulou
Maria shares her knowledge and experience in the holistic approach to fitness and healing for 20 years. She is a yoga and pilates teacher, wellness coach, fitness trainer, reflexologist and Bach remedies practitioner. She has competed her studies in Spine Works, Thai Massage and Sound Massage.
She continues to develop her holistic approach by attending seminars on Psychology, while completing her studies in Positive Psychology.